Sunday, April 25, 2021

Show Off!

 Here is another pattern! Just released!  What the Hex?

Designed to use some travel themed prints I had collected over a few trips.  New York, San Fran, Seattle, other.  I called it Fantasy Travel because, well, made in early "COVID times", you know.  All travel at this point is fantasy.

Find the pattern at my Esty NoRulesQuilting shop or on Quilt Pattern Mart.

Above is the pattern cover quilt.  

I really like this for the secondary designs - a sort of lattice created by the coloured parts and sort of arrows in the black.  And it's fun to quilt - see below!

Not to put too fine a point on it - all my patterns have detailed step by step instructions with illustrations (not photos, actual illustrations!).  The photos are in the "support page" - the Show Off! tab on the home page here.  Also - all my patterns have been stress tested by other quilters of various skill levels.

And for this quilt I had the idea to put some travel themed machine embroidery designs in the black background.  If you do this, embroider first, then cut the block.


Then to test the pattern, I made this "revenge quilt" for my sister.  It was her 60th birthday recently.  She is a master cake maker and for my 60th b-day she made me a fabulous flamingo cake with flamingo cake pops.  Then she and other relatives piled on with various other flamingo paraphernalia.  So now it was my turn to get even!  This quilt is the result.  All the embroidery is birthday related.  With a few cake references thrown in.

As it happens, I used black again for the background.  I plan to make a "not black" one in the future.  It will get its own post once it's finished.

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