Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Quilt

This "winter quilt" is beautifully made by Susanne.  The trick for me is to work out a quilting design that enhances, not overwhelms, the piecing.  Having lots of "negative space" is fun for a quilter.  This quilt has great piecing and negative space between the borders and the centre. 

This is the back - sometimes easier to see the quilting.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Wind Up

I finished all the quilts with Christmas deadlines in good time.  And a few others as well. Here are a few pix and not in any particular order.

This is Jean's quilt.  She apparently started this quilt about 29 years ago and got stuck on it.  It's essentially a number of flower panels stitched together enpointe with sashing and a border.  Again she left it up to me to decide the quilting.  Although she said it wasn't necessary for Xmas, I had it back to her with plenty of time if she wanted to do the border and give it to her daughter, as she planned to do.

The crossword is Gayle's quilt.  It's one of Cheryl Arkison's designs from her book Sunday Morning Quilts.  Gayle wanted hers quilting with the wood grain design.  I'd never done that particular one before but had good instruction from on of Angela Walter's books.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out and Gayle was too.

Jane brought in two quite small quilts, but they are lovely!  Very soft colours.  She wanted some flowers on the creamy one and the blue one, nothing particular.  So I did flowers on the cream one and swirls with feathers on the blue one.