Sunday, March 2, 2014

Already March 2014

We're already into March.  Time is a freight train out of control going downhill. 

Ok, enough of the drama.  I had a couple if things I wanted to talk to you about.

First - if you are in or near Calgary, you may be interested to know that the Heritage Park 19th Annual Festival of Quilts is May 24 & May 25.  Seems like a long way off - but see my comment above.  It will come - fast.  If you have a quilt or two, or three... that you would like to have in the show, they are accepting the entry forms now.  Entry deadline is April 1/14. 

I would encourage you to enter.  I've put quilts in three years' shows.  It's fun to see your quilts up, and the bonus is that you get a coupon to get in at the gate for 1/2 price.  Last year they actually gave me two!  There is also a very good vendors market.  So you 1) get to see your quilt(s) up where others can see them, 2) get in for 1/2 price and 3) can access a very good vendors market!  You can't go wrong with that!

Second - the Canadian dollar is down against the US buck.  If you like to order fabric or other quilting/sewing items (or anything for that matter) from the US, it's going to cost you more.  Right now one Canadian dollar will get $0.90US.  So there is a 10% discount on the Canadian dollar that will work against you if you are ordering on line or going down there.  Just putting it out there in case you haven't been paying attention. 

I confess that I do order things on line from the US.  I still will if it's still less money.  I am working out an order from one of my favourite fabric stores - and even with the exchange and delivery charges it looks like it will still be less than if I got the same stuff here.  And sometimes you just can't get it here, period.  So just a gentle reminder to pay attention to that exchange rate. 

And of course - as always - drop me a line if you would like to talk about have a quilt long-armed.  Check the gallery for a few new pix.  And let's hope that spring comes soon!