Monday, May 30, 2016

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts - 2016!

I had a fabulous weekend at the HP FoQ!!!  So much fun talking and geeking out with so many quilty friends!  I had a number of my own quilts in the show and I am really pumped by the number of my customers' quilts that I quilted that were also in the show.  There were just so many really fabulous quilts - hundreds of them!

These are my own quilts (look at previous posts for close ups of the quilting detail on all of the following quilts):

"Read All Over"  [pattern is a Susan Madu "Strip and Flip"]

"Rainbow Connection" [based on the "Burst Block" by Man Sewing]

"What the Hex" [no pattern]

"Patchwork City" [pattern by Elizabeth Hartman]

"Draco Ostium" [unknown artist did the initial drawing]

Here are some customer quilts: 

The first three are part of a Susan Madu "Strip and Flip" design group entry.  I quilted these three.  The first one is Susan's and she used it as the cover for her pattern [look for Modern Blended Quilts].  The next two were made by her friend Armiel, who was testing the pattern.

Next up is Rachel's "Gravity Quilt".  We were both pretty excited that it got the prime display spot in the park!  Front and centre on the Wainright Hotel!  Both days!

Next three, below: Agnes's "IKEA Rug".

Below: Agnes's "Bright Birch Trees"

Next three below: Jodi's "Square in Square" - two of them - blue and pink.

Next three below: another Susan Madu Modern Blended Quilts - "Rail in Rail"  - again this one is the cover for her pattern.

Finally - another of Agnes's quilts - Hexies.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Somehow I missed a few things.  I have one customer who is becoming a fabulous quilter and she brought me few quilts back in April...

"Bright Birches"


And a boat on the back!  

She called this her IKEA quilt because the colours are like IKEA colours.  I went a bit crazy on this one.  Lots of "negative space" there so what's a girl to do?

May Round Up

A recent customer brought me two really lovely quilts to quilt for a charity silent auction.  The charity is  the HBOC Society (hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome).  The first is an Asian themed quilt. 

I had the idea of quilting feathers on a cross hatch background so this seemed like the perfect place to try it out and I have to admit I'm pretty darn happy with the way it looks!  My new "toy" - I'll be playing with it a lot until I get tired of it or get a new toy!  :)

She wanted the ribbon logo in the corners.  I talked her into putting it beside the corners because that print would render it pretty well invisible.  This way it can be seen.  

The second auction quilt is actually a little wall hanging.   I quilted this pretty much as it was quilted in the pattern pix.  

Then there is this "Meadow Quilt".  This is a Lizzy House quilt and Lizzy was in Calgary awhile ago to teach the class, so this is the resulting quilt for one of the students in the class.  

And just yesterday I finished this quilt made to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.  I was asked to incorporate some elements from the original wedding invitation.  Since the quilt is so neutral, I treated it mostly as a wholecloth and just had a lot of fun with it.  It is a gloomy day so the pix are a bit dull - but the best I can do today.

Grand kids did a bit of hand emboidery in a few places (5 actually, I think).  It's subtle - I put a heart around each one so look for the hearts.

These pix came in out of order - but the whole quilt is shown above.  Below - shows the central panel - printed with names/dates and a pix of the happy couple on their special day.

Some random phrases from the invitation (at least that's what I assume it was) printed on panels.  I didn't want to quilt over the letters - so did my best to go around them and make it look OK.  The thing about quilting is that, aside from being decorative, it also has the practical function of holding the quilt together and I needed to do some quilting in the text blocks for that reason.

There are a few places where I put a rose and some other small flowers - these were also from the invitation.

A lot of playing with my new toy (feathers on cross hatch).

The corners of the inside panels (arcs with detail) are also from the invitation.  I did the arc border around the centre because, in addition to it being one of my latest favourite borders, it also is reminiscent of church windows, which I think is appropriate here.