Monday, May 30, 2016

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts - 2016!

I had a fabulous weekend at the HP FoQ!!!  So much fun talking and geeking out with so many quilty friends!  I had a number of my own quilts in the show and I am really pumped by the number of my customers' quilts that I quilted that were also in the show.  There were just so many really fabulous quilts - hundreds of them!

These are my own quilts (look at previous posts for close ups of the quilting detail on all of the following quilts):

"Read All Over"  [pattern is a Susan Madu "Strip and Flip"]

"Rainbow Connection" [based on the "Burst Block" by Man Sewing]

"What the Hex" [no pattern]

"Patchwork City" [pattern by Elizabeth Hartman]

"Draco Ostium" [unknown artist did the initial drawing]

Here are some customer quilts: 

The first three are part of a Susan Madu "Strip and Flip" design group entry.  I quilted these three.  The first one is Susan's and she used it as the cover for her pattern [look for Modern Blended Quilts].  The next two were made by her friend Armiel, who was testing the pattern.

Next up is Rachel's "Gravity Quilt".  We were both pretty excited that it got the prime display spot in the park!  Front and centre on the Wainright Hotel!  Both days!

Next three, below: Agnes's "IKEA Rug".

Below: Agnes's "Bright Birch Trees"

Next three below: Jodi's "Square in Square" - two of them - blue and pink.

Next three below: another Susan Madu Modern Blended Quilts - "Rail in Rail"  - again this one is the cover for her pattern.

Finally - another of Agnes's quilts - Hexies.

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  1. Such beautiful quilts, wish I could have been there. Thanks so much for sharing!