Thursday, December 22, 2016

Big Pineapple and Small Black/White/Red

These are the last two quilts I promised for before Christmas.  The rest will have to wait until January as I have personal things to get through!  

First up is this Pineapple quilt by Janice.  Janice is a scrappy quilter and makes amazing things from small bits of fabric.  This quilt is so busy that I didn't think it would be worth the time or money to do  custom quilting on it.  Instead, we opted for an all over - loops and flowers.  It works just fine.

And (below) I've figured out how to attach binding using my long-arm machine and Janice told me she doesn't like doing the binding.  So I attached hers to save that step.  All she'll have to do is trim and stitch it down on the back side.

And finally, Audrey's little black/white/red quilt.  It is quite small and turned out very well, if I do say so myself.  She liked it, too!

Back is below.

My Garden

These quilts are so wonderful and whimsical.  This one has essentially three borders and 12 blocks.  As I usually do for this type of quilt, I let it "talk" to me.

Click on the pix to enlarge - if you look closely you can see some flowers among the pebbles in this background (above).

Above - bees stitched into the background.

Above - I love this fill.  I "invented" it to sort of go with the background fabric.  Going to be using it again!

Moxie! (Circle of Love)

Nicole recently had her first baby, Ben!  She made him this Tula Pink Moxie quilt.  She's calling hers "Circle of Love".  She put a lot of thought into this quilt.  Ben will cherish it forever.  At least he should.

T-Shirt Quilt #2

Chandy asked if I would be interested in making a quilt for her Mom, using Mom's running T-shirts from at least 20 years worth of running events.  We worked out the details, Chandy dropped off the T's and I got started.  I wish now that I had counted the T's - but I didn't and there were many.  Enough for a 110" square quilt!  It's a monster!

A few close-ups.  I used the remainder of the T's to make the "fill-in" blocks around the logo blocks, plus some of the backing/binding fabric so it all goes together in the end.

And here are a few pix Chandy sent me after she gifted the quilt to her Mom.

And here is Mom, Carol, with her quilt.  Apparently she really likes it!  Chandy reported that "The quilt is a hit! When I presented it to her the only word she kept saying over and over was "phenomenal"."  So that makes me happy, too!