Thursday, December 22, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt #2

Chandy asked if I would be interested in making a quilt for her Mom, using Mom's running T-shirts from at least 20 years worth of running events.  We worked out the details, Chandy dropped off the T's and I got started.  I wish now that I had counted the T's - but I didn't and there were many.  Enough for a 110" square quilt!  It's a monster!

A few close-ups.  I used the remainder of the T's to make the "fill-in" blocks around the logo blocks, plus some of the backing/binding fabric so it all goes together in the end.

And here are a few pix Chandy sent me after she gifted the quilt to her Mom.

And here is Mom, Carol, with her quilt.  Apparently she really likes it!  Chandy reported that "The quilt is a hit! When I presented it to her the only word she kept saying over and over was "phenomenal"."  So that makes me happy, too!

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