Thursday, July 11, 2019

Trunk Show Anyone?

I've been invited to do a couple of trunk shows on short notice and had a lot of fun doing them, got positive feedback so I thought I'd put it out there that if your Calgary (or nearby) guild or group would be interested in seeing my quilts up close and personal, I'd be happy to oblige. Get in touch and we can work something out.

Joe did a photo shoot the other night.  These are the quilts that are currently on my "quilt storage bed" with a few exceptions, which are noted.


My Pattern Quilts 

(quilts for which I have patterns available on my Etsy store)

Art Deco
This is the first one I made to test the pattern and is also the cover photo for the pattern.  This quilt is currently hanging in Addies in Cochrane.

Art Deco Meets Dapper - this is the third Art Deco quilt I made - Dapper is the name of the print fabric line.  The second one was made with Tula Pink Elizabeth fabric and is currently hanging at Chinook Fabrics in High River - I don't seem to have a decent pix of it - I will have to remedy that!

Paris Art Deco  - this is the fourth Art Deco quilt I've made and probably my favourite.  It actually was juried into the 2019 CQA show so I was pretty pleased about that.  Currently on the quilt storage bed!

All my Art Deco quilts feature fussy cutting for the large square-in-square and large flying geese blocks.  And of course, any quilt I design has lots of space for some interesting quilting!  😎

Galaxy - Above is the first Galaxy quilt I made to test the pattern.  I was super happy with it and when the Calgary Long-arm Group ladies started asking about it, we decided to do it as a group display for the 2019 Heritage Park Festival of quilts.  So I had about 15 experienced quilters to test the pattern for me!  And what is even better is that one of them, Terry Rowland, entered her quilt into the Red Deer Quilt show and it won Best in Show!  Wow!  Doesn't get any better than that! 

Below is the Galaxy I made for the 2019 Heritage Park show as I'd entered the green one the previous year and I don't like to enter a quilt more than once.  There is no rule against it but I just don't like to do it.  

Galaxy is a paper pieced quilt.  The largest New York Beauty block is 24" - and when combined the whole "Beauty" is 48" - so pretty big (to be clear, the quilt is 60' x 72").  And there a couple of very large elliptical beauties as well - something I personally think is very cool!   😎

Mondrian  - above - this is the cover photo for the pattern and is currently hanging in Addies in Airdrie.  If you google Mondrian, you will see this is true to the artist's motif style. ( I did check and the copyright expired in 2015, although I didn't directly copy any of his work.)

Mondrian de la Luna - another Tula Pink fabric line.

Mondrian, especially the original with the skinny black sashng, has the look of a stained glass quilt. But it is, as noted, skinny black sashing, so the maker has to be able to stitch a nice even 1/4" seam for a nice even sashing.  Otherwise I've been told it reminds folks of Tetras, a game I've never played.  It's comprised of 10 blocks.  Can you spot them?


Patterns in Development

(quilts for which I have patterns in various stages of development)

Flock - the is the test quilt.  It's a paper pieced quilt.  I've started work on the pattern but have been pretty busy over the last few months and, to be honest, have just needed a bit of a break.  But I'll get back to it soon.  This is inspired by an outdoor art installation.  I've blogged about it in a previous post.

What the Hex? 
This quilt was in Quilters Connection a couple of years ago so thought I could re-do the pattern.  Obviously it's not an original design - these mosaic designs go back 1000s of years, but I can put my cutting, sewing and quilting instructions in the pattern for anyone who wants to make this particular version.

Above - this is a quilt I designed as a quilt to showcase my quilting so people would hire me to long-arm their quilts.  It didn't ever occur to me that I should develop it as a pattern, but it's been suggested to me that I should, so I will put it in the queue and see how it goes. This one is made up entirely of 6" blocks - even the large white areas area actually 6" white blocks stitched together.  So it's actually pretty easy to make.  And again - lots of fun quilting.


My Designs that will never be made into patterns!  😎

(because either I don't like them or for other obvious reasons!)

Hex Again


Big Bang
(this began with a Laurel Burch panel)

(I figure you either love it or hate it!)


Joe Cunningham Workshop/Class

I attended a Joe Cunningham Workshop early in 2018, had a blast and made a couple of mini quilts that I quite like.


Snake Paths

And then I made this (above) quilt based on a Joe Cunningham Craftsy class.(actually, I think this came first, then the workshop)


Other people's Patterns

Tula Pink's Butterfly quilt - probably one of the biggest quilts I've made.  I added a 6" border to each side.  

Above - a pattern from a book titled Quilting Happiness by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland.  I called mine Chatbot because is reminded me of something digital.

Above - This is from a book titled A Quilter's Mixology by Angela Pingle.  Her's is called Curved Nine Patch.  I called mine Daisy Chain.

Above - This one is Scrappy On Point Triangle Quilt from the Midnight Quilt Show featuring Angela Walters.  It was a very quick sew. I made it to use up a jelly roll of African fabric that I had and to use as a demo quilt for some ruler quilting.  I called my Limeaide.

Houndstooth - a pattern found on Craftsy.  I made this one to use up a bundle of fat quarters and to play with some quilting ideas.  Always playing with quilting ideas!  

Pattern called Whisper by Toby Lischoko.  I called mine Lava Lamps.  Using up some "left over" from a previous quilt, which was a gift.  This one will eventually be gifted but it's presently on the quilt storage bed.

Above - this is the result of the first Mystery Quilt class I took.  It will also be my last.  I just do not like the quilt - although it's a lot better now that it's quilted (which didn't happen until several years after the top was made).  I was persuaded to take the class with some friends, but it turns out that I really need to be in charge of all aspects of my quilt making.  That way if I don't like the end result (and yes that happens) at least I'm the only one I can blame!  Anyway, for the moment, this one is on the quilt storage bed, but is has been designated as a gift to a friend so the next time I see her she'll be getting it.

This is Faith Jones Lemon Squares block patterns.  I had a fat quarter bundle to use so this one got the vote.  And of course it got the quilting practice treatment.  

Terrace - made for the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild's group display for 2019 Heritage Park Festival of Quilts.

This is in Boo Davis's book Dare to be Square - I called mine Time Machine (it's an alarm clock - get it?)  It's one of my very early quilts.  Just a meander on my first long arm - proving that we all start with a meander!

The Fabriculous Viking Pattern - I called mine Vikings!  Go figure.

This is one of the Hunter Star layouts in the Hidden Treasures book by Deb Tucker.  I called mine Stella Venandi, which is Latin for Hunter Star - because I couldn't think of anything clever.  


And what do you do with those panels???

I bought the little batik panel long before I ever took up quilting thinking I would just frame it and put it on a wall.  But of course I never got around to doing it.  So when I did start quilting, I thought I'd "frame" it in a quilt.  This is what I ended up with.  I spent hours out on the deck applying beads and I did all the quilting by hand.  This is one of my very early quilts.  And of course it has never spent any time on any wall, but it resides very comfortably on the quilt storage bed.  I called it Africa Jazz - maybe that's not PC?

My daughter-in-law, Rhonwyn, loves Minions so I picked up a couple of Minions panels a few years ago.  I asked Craig which one she'd like and he thought the other one, which left me with this one.  I made the other one into a quilt and sent it to her.  Finally, a year or so ago, I made the second one to get it out of the project box and it still is on the quilt storage bed.  

This is one of the Mr. Chillingsworth panels.  I'd been stockpiling some Steampunk-ish fabrics so made them into a wide border around the panel.  The quilt is loosely based on a pattern I saw somewhere on-line.


My Very First Quilt

Above - my very first quilt.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but I did it anyway.  No pattern although I did have a book from the library that showed how to make the wavy blocks and the wonky corner blocks.  But I didn't know how to figure out the borders and of course its so friggin' easy it's a face slap now but I went through contortions to get them on back then.  You can tell from the fabric and the blocks that I really wasn't interested in making conventional quilts and I haven't made too many.  😎


Of course I've made many other quilts since I started quilting in late 2008 (thanks to Kristie - I blame her 😎 ) but I've gifted many of them and sold a few.  

As I said at the top, if your group is interested in seeing them up close and personal, I'd be happy to come out and show them to you.  Many of them have a detailed post in this blog somewhere so you may be able to check them out there.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Joan R's Pineapple Applique Quilt

I finished up a quilt the other day for Joan R, my special customer.  As I have mentioned before, I don't do many customer quilts now, but I have kept her as she is special.  She has limited vision and lives nearby so it's easy for me to pick up/drop off and she does such wonderful quilts.  And she's such a nice lady - how can I refuse???  This is her latest.  I did a day by day "how I quilted it" on my No Rules Quilting Facebook Page so if you are interested in that, try to track it down there.  It's probably not a good idea to do it there because FB stuff gets lost so quickly.  That's why I usually do it here, then post it there.  I'll have to go back to doing that for next time.  However, here are the final pix.  I snapped them out on the front lawn in the sun.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Here are a few slightly better pix of the quilt "formerly known as Flight Path" (with apologies to Prince).  Going forward this quilt will be known as Flock.

Flock is inspired by a public art installation of the same name by the artist team of Addad/Drugan at the Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility in northwest Calgary.  I am delighted to have their permission to not only proceed with the development of this quilt as a pattern but to also give it the same name as their amazing art piece.  This is a true honour as I was  instantly smitten with their installation.  For more about the artwork, go to:

In the meantime, I wanted to get some better pix of the quilt.  Tuesday was sunny so I took a few quilts outside and was able to get a few better pix.  Just as I was taking a close up of a large black goose at the bottom, my rather precarious frame toppled over when a gust of wind came up so I took that as a hint that my photo session was over.  Nevertheless, I got a few better ones than I had before.  

I will write the pattern, then test it (i.e., make it again).  I'll use the second one as the sample for the pattern cover as I'm not crazy about some of the quilting on this one.  I like the city, the mountains and the birds, but not much of the rest.  So I'll figure out something different for that.  If you are interested in testing the pattern when it's done, let me know and I'll start a list.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Back to Art Deco Meets Dapper

I'm always threatening to "get better pictures".  Well, I tried today.  It was sunny with very little wind until the haze started to roll in.  So I took advantage, put up the rather precarious frame we have rigged and took a few quilts outside to snap some pix in the sun.  I'm much happier with these ones.  The colours and the quilting show up so much better.

I tried to get the sparkle on the "shiny" fabric.  Not sure that is shows that well - it's pretty subtle.