Monday, April 3, 2017

Gravity Quilt No. Three

Geraldine was given my name by a lady in my quilt guild - the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild.  This is a great group of ladies and I love this guild!  But I don't know everyone's name and this person's name was not familiar to me so Karen if you see this post, please introduce yourself to me the next time you see me at a meeting!  And thanks for the reference...  

Now - back to Geraldine's Gravity Quilt.  These are really cool quilts so it's not surprising that so many people want to make them.  As noted, this is the third one I've quilted.  I don't tend to refer to previous ones for a couple of reasons - I don't want them to be identical and it takes extra time to find the pix, etc.  Having said that, after three, I've got a few design motifs stuck in my mind so there are some familiar patterns here.  At the same time, there are significant differences. especially in the grey borders, which actually account for a majority of the quilt area.  Honestly - I get bored with doing the same thing, so the borders for sure are different for each of the three quilts.  

Here goes with the pix....

Geraldine had some of the fabric left so she put it together for the backing, which features a line of the coloured fabrics.

A thread note if you're quilting this quilt.  I've approached these quilts in a couple of different ways.  I've done all of one colour before moving to the next colour - using the same thread for several blocks (e.g., a blue thread for all the blue or bluish blocks).  For this quilt, I worked from the top down, centre to edge, so essentially changed thread for each block.  With so many thread changes, I didn't bother changing the bobbin thread - I think I used a cream colour on the back for the coloured blocks, and a light and dark grey bobbin for the grey blocks - depending on whether they were light , dark/grey or black.  For these big quilts I'm going back to attaching the top to the top roll bar.  I've just had too many issues with floating/basting.  This quilt went swimmingly - absolutely no issues.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stella Venandi (Hunter Star)

The Calgary Long Arm Group enters a group submission each year to the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts.  This year, we decided that we would make quilts using the Hunter Star block and a layout in the Hidden Treasures book by Deb Tucker.  Further, one of our members is Gail of Erie Quilt Art and she is a certified Studio 180 instructor who offered to do a class for the group on how to use the Rapid Fire Hunter Star tool to create the blocks. So I took the class and made the top - even found a backing.  That was about a year ago.  Suddenly it's March this year and Heritage Park is coming up fast!  Time to get this quilt quilted.  

How?  Well - it has stars so that's a good place to start.  I made some star templates using my new Scan'n'Cut - it worked beautifully.  Now I have a set of stars that I can use as templates over and over!

I quilted a couple of stars in the border by the "racing stripes" that are the same shape as the "Hunter Stars".  The thread is variegated Fabulux - the same thread I used on the coloured parts of the blocks.  I really like it. 

Using my star templates, I stitched stars into two opposite corners.  The remainder of the border is quilted - but in black so it doesn't show.

I started off with a completely different idea for quilting.  But then a little Sue Patten video popped up on Facebook and I thought - hey, I've got two of her books and I took a few classes with her last summer at the CQA show in Toronto - I should actually use some of her ideas!  Her approach to "feathers" is a bit different - she does a continuous clockwise movement - no backtracking, no stopping/starting.  This takes some practice!  Also - she doesn't claim to do "feathers" - she says she does "feather-ish" designs.  It took me a few blocks to get the hang of this - but it's very efficient once you get going on it.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  So that's the design in the triangles.  The design in the sashing and in the "stars" is my thing.  

I waffled between the variegated and neon thread.  In the end, I did the variegated in the coloured parts and yellow on the black part - except for the two stars by the stripes.  I wanted the quilting to really show up and I think the yellow was the best choice for that but I also really like the look of the variegated.  Both are Wonderfil Fabulux thread, which runs very well in my machine.

The other thing about this quilt is that I went fabric shopping in my stash - I had picked up a yard each of the bright batik prints the previous summer on my road trip with Carol and I used every scrap of black that I had left.  So I got the top made entirely from stash, which I love!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Gravity Number Two

Here is Kathy's Gravity Quilt.  This is the second Gravity Quilt I have quilted.  I have a third coming up in my queue.  This is a such a fun quilt!  I love the way the two lighter pink hexies pop at the top (above).

I think I got a close up of each of the blocks and some of the corners and border areas.  I didn't look at Rachel's quilt when I quilted this one so they are different.  Having said that, I noticed when I looked at Rachel's after I quilted Kathy's that there are some similarities - certain shapes lend themselves to certain designs.  And I'm bored with echoes in the border so although there is a bit of echoing here, it's broken up a bit more.  Even on Rachel's I didn't do the border entirely with echoes as many others have done for their Gravity Quilt.  Call me crazy.

Anyway - here are the close ups.....