Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Quilt Give Away

I have, or at least had, over 40 quilts piling up on my "quilt storage bed".  I decided it's time to start re-homing them.  I'd sell them, but it's difficult to sell quilts for what they are worth in terms of time, skill, materials, etc.  Most people don't understand that the materials alone can mount into the hundreds of dollars for one quilt.  

Also, I'm lazy.  I have no interest in selling on line.  I don't want to deal with mailing, fraudulent claims of non-delivery or damage, etc.  So... I am giving them away.  But not to just anyone.  I have many special friends and family members that I consider "quilt worthy" and it has always been my intention to give each of them a quilt.  So as I see them, which is challenging in these COVID Times, I have been asking if they would like to choose a quilt to take home with them.  So far, I've given six away....  

Joe's niece, Marie, and her fiancĂ©, Stuart, asked for Tropical Galaxy.  

Michelle and Mike liked Flock.

Alyssa got two.  Hounds-tooth for herself and Everyday Magic for her daughter, Leah.

My Bro-in Law, Karl, asked for the Viking quilt when I was making it several years ago.  So I gave it to him.

This is one of my really early quilts.  I called it Time Machine (it's an alarm clock - get it? :) ).  I gave it to sister and bro-in-law - Carol and Dan.

I need to get the sisters and bro-in-laws to "model" their quilts.  Next trip to Kelowna that will happen (if I remember!).

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