Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Calgary Christmas Craft Markets Coming Up!

I am always sewing, but rarely posting!  However, I'm going to be in a couple of craft markets this fall so posting pix here of items that I will be selling. I will add as I make more and/or get organized to take more pix of things already made.  Also - will post more detail about where/when as it is nailed down.

Front and Back of the "Wayfarer Sling" (8" x 17" x 2 1/2")

Front and Back of the "Retro Sling" (7" x 14" x 3")

Wayfarer and Retro side by side - Retro is a bit narrower/shorter, but also a bit deeper.

Blue Whale pencil cases - I love these!

Whale Shark pencil cases - I love these too!

"Louis Waistbag"  - these are like the Lulu Lemon bags I see being worn everywhere!  There are two sizes.  The small one was nabbed by a friend.  When I make another one, I'll put them up side by side for size comparison.

"Open Wide Pouch"  (They stand about 7" - 8" tall and about 10" at the bottom and about 13" across the top - the bottom is boxed so it will stand up as per pix).  I make them with canvas exterior and embroider fun designs.  Lining is light weight waterproof canvas so wipeable.  This was a friend's request so is personalized.  Market ones will not be personalized - obviously.  :)

More to come....

Thursday, May 4, 2023

May the 4th Be With You


"Long Live Rock"

This is the most recent T-shirt quilt that I've made - back in Jan 2023.  My client loved it.  He had a significant collection of T-shirts from the many rock concerts he has attended over the years. 

I know this blog/website has been neglected for well over a year.  I have good intentions to get to it, just no follow through.  I hope to have a bit of time in the near future to spend on getting it updated.  I usually keep my Facebook page reasonably current so you can always check there for my latest makes.  

However, the main purpose of this post is to announce that I will not longer be accepting commissions for T-shirt/memory quilts.  I will complete the ones I have committed to making, but will accept no more.  

I want to thank all my past customers for placing their trust in me to help them with their projects (long-arm quilting their quilts and making T-shirt/memory quilts).  It's been fun and an honour.