Monday, April 20, 2015

It's Spring! Yay!

I've had the opportunity to quilt some really lovely quilts in the last few months:

This one (above) is quite small - the blocks are about 4 inches square so some of those pieces are only about 1/2 inch!  Quilting them is one thing, but piecing...  that's quite another! 

This is the "Fancy Fox" pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  I've seen this a number of times, usually quilted with a wood grain all over design.   My customer wanted hers customized so the facial features popped out more than they would with an all-over.  So this is what I did with it.  We were both pretty happy with the way it turned out - I even gave the foxes whiskers!  :)

This and the next are done in an all-over design from Angela Walters book "Shapes" - her "signature" design.  I love this book.

Here is a little quilt I made with a fat quarter bundle my friend Joan gave me.  I found an easy pattern here - I'm always happy to use an existing pattern - no point in re-inventing the wheel.  This one was just what I wanted.  Fast, easy and a good showcase for the fabric and some quilting.  I had a lot of fun quilting it!

Below is a customer quilt that I just finished the other day.  This is a sampler queen size - so 45 sample blocks and 44 log cabins to space them out, for a total of 49 blocks (7 *7 rows/columns - 12" blocks).  I customized each sample block - all different - then cross hatched the log cabins.  I am very happy with the way it turned out and my customer is very happy too!  I didn't put them all up, still quite a few - they are all so pretty it was hard to choose! 

Finally, this is my quilt "Big Bang".  Designed by moi based on a design technique found in a book called Stretching Tradition.  The quilting is verging on thread painting - the idea was to make it seem like a swirling mass of stars - or at least as much as you can do that on a quilt!