T-shirt Quilts

Having completed a few, I find myself in the T-shirt quilt making business.  I would be happy to make a T-shirt quilt if you are interested in a truly customized quilt and don't need it in a rush as it will take me several months minimum due to my other quilting commitments.  Customized means a non-conventional layout maximizing the number of logos and bits and pieces from your T-shirts (no one size block fits all).  I will take your T's and turn them into a one-of-a kind memento.  Please contact me via the "Contact No Rules Quilting" email button on the right side bar if this is something you are interested in pursuing.

In reverse chronological order:

Number 3: A "Rock' N' Roll" T-shirt quilt.


Number 2: Running T'shirts


Number 1: High School and University Athletic Career T-shirts

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