Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Hand Done Cross Stitch

 Karen worked for years doing the cross-stitch on these blocks.  Then she stitched them together and asked if I would quilt the quilt for her.  It's a queen size and I didn't get a great "entire quilt" pix, but here are some pix of the quilting.  

Not a great shot of the entire quilt - but it's what I have...

Here are a couple of border shots.  I've done this a few times - where I continue the quilting that I've done in the body of the quilt into the borders.  I think it worked really well for this quilt.

Here are some "full on" shots of the the block (above) and the secondary design created in the space between the blocks.

The cross-stitch design was printed on the fabric, along with some quilting lines (specifically the outline of the stars).  I did use the quilting lines, but of course elaborated considerably!  :)

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