Sunday, April 25, 2021

What the Hex?

I decided to further develop the pattern for What the Hex?  It was published in Quilter's Connection a few years ago but the pattern was very abbreviated.  Now there is a fulsome pattern available from my NoRulesQuilting Etsy store and also at Quilt Pattern Mart.  If you are looking at both these sites, you will notice a difference in the pricing.  It's Canadian Dollars on Etsy and US Dollars on Quilt Pattern Mart - that's why the difference.  In the end, it should work out to roughly the same.  

Above is the pattern cover pix, which, if you have tracked my blog, you would have seen before - and at the moment it's also the "background" for my blog!

And then I made another one, to use up some fabric, but more importantly, to document a few things about making it, which appear on the "support page" - go to the What the Hex? tab on the home page here.

The hex/triangle combo is not new.  It's an ancient tile pattern and you have seen it in other quilts.  But I jazzed mine with these "empty" star spaced for some pretty awesome custom quilting.  And I've provided the templates for those fronds if you want to put them into your quilting.  And of course templates for the hexies and triangles if you don't have a special ruler.  And, as with all my patterns, step by step instructions with illustrations.

I have a third one made, but not quilted so it will get a separate post in the future.

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