Saturday, August 25, 2018

Art Deco Meets Dapper

Another Art Deco quilt.  This one features Moda's Dapper fabric designed by Luke Haynes.  Joe and I went on a little road trip to do some birding (Joe) and explore some country quilt stores (me).  We stopped in at The What Not Shop in Forestberg,  Alberta.  This is one of those charming quilt shops that is in the basement of the owner's home.  June was there and I really enjoyed chatting with her.  Her store is amazing - tons of really great fabrics.  I bought some Tula Pink and this Dapper fabric (and I think one or two others!).  I needed to make another sample for Art Deco and Dapper seemed like a  perfect choice!   June has asked me to teach Art Deco on Sep 29 in her store so if you're in the area and want a fun day - please join us!!!!

It doesn't show in the pix, but the blue is actually metallic so sparkles in the right light.  Obviously this is not the right light!

I've used the same quilting on each of the three Art Deco quilts I've done.  So it is repeatable - the diagram is in the pattern and there is a tutorial with pix on the Art Deco page (tab at top of this page).  However, on this one, I forgot to "frame" the large motifs in the corners.  I noticed this after I had the first quadrant all done but at that point I wasn't going to rip it all out - so, they all went in with no framing.  I like it better with the framing as the motif pops.  Here, not so much, even though I did the motif in a different colour thread (neon blue Fabulux).

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