Wednesday, March 14, 2018


A friend gave me a charm pack of "Dapper" fabric.  Then another friend gave me a charm pack of "Grunge" fabric (please note the links are included so you can get a good look at the fabric - I have never actually ordered from these sites so can't say whether I'd recommend them or not).  So I figured I had enough charms to make a charming quilt!  This is a little Craftsy pattern.  I added a bit of fabric to make it work - et voila!  My Dapper quilt!

The fabric is the focus so I didn't get too fancy with the quilting.  Used a 6" circle ruler and quilted some freehand fishhooks.

And - one more thing... on the last few little quilts I've made I've been using the facing method to finish off the edges.  Joe Cunningham did a demo in his workshop so now I think I've got it down.  I also found a video that he did to show his method!

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