Monday, January 1, 2018

Last Two Customer Quilts (at least for a few months)

Ashley lives in Ottawa so I was surprised when I received an email from her requesting that I quilt a couple of quilts for her.  Apparently there aren't too many long-arm quilters in the Ottawa area who do custom quilting.  I was/am  a bit hesitant about doing "quilting by mail" due to the risk of mailing.  However, I agreed to quilt her quilts if she was comfortable with the idea of sending them through the mail.  They arrived early in December and I got to work.  First up is the one I'm calling "Clam Shells" but I'm sure it has a better name.  She hand stitched the shells to the bottom and left solid off-white on the top section so that part was like a whole-cloth.  Me being me, I had to try for a different design in each clam - some of the same fabric got the same treatment, although this wasn't a rule.  😀  Then on the solid top I was thinking "garden" so there are flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and lots of feathery leafy stuff.

It probably doesn't show up but the thread used for the butterflies and dragonflies is a pale green colour.

Ashley's second quilt is what I'm calling a "Faux Wedding Ring Quilt".  why "faux"?  The wedding rings are made of non-traditional wedding ring blocks.  It's a big quilt so I was unable to get a good shot of the entire thing, but there are a few close ups.

Going forward, for the next few months at least, I'll be working on my own quilts and blogging about them!  I'm actually pretty excited about it and have a head full of ideas so I hope if you are "regular" reader you continue to follow and I'd love to read any comments you care to make.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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