Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tequila Sunrise

Photo Credit: Adina Johnson

This is a Judy Niemeyer pattern - the Glacier Star.  Judy is extremely well known in the quilting world to the point where if someone refers to a "Judy Pattern" everyone knows what they mean.  She and her team have produced a gazillion of these very elaborate paper pieced patterns.  Find her patterns at Quiltworx.  

I had always wanted to make one just for the challenge so when my friend Carol said she was going to attend a "Judy" retreat in Abbotsford a few years ago, I decided to go with her (instructor was Maureen Wood).  I got a good start on the thing - learning the paper piecing technique.  Up to that point, I hadn't done a lot of paper piecing.  Once you do a "Judy" quilt, you can do any paper piecing!  

Anyway - out of time at the retreat and lots of customer quilts, etc., Judy got put on the back burner until my next retreat with friends the following spring.  I worked on it some more and at at least one more retreat.  At some point I got the inside completed - the 60" * 60" section that is on-point in the pix above.  I decided that I would give it to my sister as a (belated) wedding gift but wanted it big enough to go on her bed - queen size. Happily there is an extension to the pattern so I ordered the additional corners, which, once made, make the quilt into a 90"*90" queen size quilt.  

I finally got it finished, quilted, then bound it in time for the photo shoot last weekend - Adina Johnson took the pix - they are wonderful!  

No kidding - this quilt has taken the longest of any I've made - and cost the most!!!!  I think when Chris gets it, there will be a few conditions attached!!!!  But I think she'll love it - when I give it to her for her 5th anniversary (so a bit late...).  It's been pretty fun to make. 
Photo credit: Adina Johnson

I took a few pix just after I finished quilting it so here are a few of my pix (below):

This is the reason (above) why we need a pro to take a few pix of our quilts. Can't get a proper full on shot.  Need some equipment to do that.

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