Thursday, August 24, 2017

Gillian's Tula Pink Butterfly

Gillian made this Tula Pink Butterfly quilt.  I believe her intention is to hang it in her new baby boy's room, which is at least one reason she chose the chambray background (because it's sort of "manly").  I was looking forward to quilting this quilt as I bought the kit from Craftsy and have been chipping away at the blocks when I have sew days with my friends (few and far between, hence the lack of serious progress).  I will put the borders on mine, but with the borders, it makes a very large quilt, which I expect is something Gillian did not want.  Anyway, I finally got it finished yesterday - it got caught up in a big backlog, which I am happy to report I am almost through!  I tried not to get too "girlie" with the quilting.  But in the end I did put some hearts and butterflies in it - it's for a baby and we're trying not to be too gender specific these days.  What kid doesn't want to know their Mom loves them (hearts)?  And it is a butterfly - so what's a few more?  😎😍

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out so I hope Gillian is, too, when she comes to pick it up.

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