Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Small Things

In no particular order, here are a bunch of small things I've puttered with since before Xmas.  Some for gifts, some just to use up fabric - or both!  😎

Drink coasters: experimenting with ways to use up T-shirt remains and playing with my embroidery machine.  These are just a few of many that have gone out as gifts.

Three sizes of  "Open Wide Pouches".  Using up fabric.  I've given many way.  Those that are not claimed by friends/family will be donated to the next Ujamaa Grandma's bag sale.

Above and below: grocery shopping bags - above the carry home bag, below, produce bags.  All reusable, all washable.  Most given to family/friends.

My nephew, Tedman, is a welder.  He mentioned one time about welding beanies.  I had no idea what they were but then, as if by magic, another sewing friend posted pix she had of welding beanies she made.  So I asked her about the pattern and it turns out it was her own design.  She very kindly shared it with me and I made Tedman the first beanie (above).  Thereafter, every time I talked to him he mentioned how he loved it and how much better than his purchased ones.  So I made him three more.  Apparently they like colourful fabric and the welders compete - who has the most interesting beanie.  Ted asked for Hawaiian, for example (far right).  The other fabric I had and thought it would be good for beanies.  He tells me he loves these ones, too.  

Below: I made Lisa, my daughter-in-law's mom, a little carry thing for her phone/cards/keys/cash.  This was the experimental version but she loves it so no need to do another one.  I hacked UhOh Creations Buddy ID pattern for this.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, Alberta sewing people started making scrubs laundry bags for front line health care workers (above).  Another great use for "ugly" fabric.  The call went out and I got a pile of fabric from my quilt making friends.  I gave much of it to other sewing people, but kept enough, plus used some of my own, to make 89 bags.  My bags all went to Foothills Hospital staff.  

I also made 78 face masks and gave them to family/friends (below).

And I really hope we are out of this pandemic lock down soon.  But it has given me a bit more time to finally get around to a blog update.  OK - several updates!  Stay well!

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