Tuesday, April 30, 2019

T-shirt Quilt No. 6

This is T-shirt quilt Number Six.  This one will be gifted to my customer's husband for their 20th anniversary at the end of June.  Husband is an avid kayaker so most, though not all, of the Ts relate to that sport. I'm really super happy with the way this one came together.  I'm particularly happy with the fact that there are so many fun colours - so often Ts are what I consider "boring" colours - black or dark colours.  These ones are more cheerful - nice and summery even if it's not summer!

As usual, I used the remnants of the Ts to make the filler blocks, so the entire top is T-shirt fabric from Husband's Ts.

Those two small blocks on the right have inside neck labels stitched onto the centres.  The labels are still in good shape and are of logos so make cool little blocks.

Having a functional pocket on a quilt amuses me!  And note the collar tab above the pocket.  It is in good shape and is only the logo (no sizing info, etc.) so I put that in, too.

The lime green/purple/orange and dark purple/dotty striped bits are actually collar ribbing sections that I couldn't resist incorporating, it is so colourful.

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