Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mondrian (2.0)

Mondrian!  The pattern is finally ready to go.  Erie Quilt Art is my wholesale distributor.  Your LQS can source my patterns there.  Or contact me directly (email contact is on the right side lower down).

Unlike the first Mondrian quilt, there are no partial seams in this one.  It consists of 10 large blocks.  They are all different, but since they consist of large squares and rectangles separated by narrow sashing, they are all relatively easy to assemble.

There is a "support" page for this quilt.  Look for the Mondrian tab.  There are some sewing tips and quilting ideas along with some pix to illustrate how I did the quilting. 

Close up pix of the quilting are below.

The black didn't show up much in the other pix so I snapped this one in the sunshine.  Now you can see what I did in all the black - 1" grid with every other square filled in.

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