Sunday, January 20, 2019

Paris Art Deco

This is possibly my favourite of the four Art Deco quilts I've made.  It was my demo for the class I taught out at Forestburg in September.  I finally got it quilted and put a facing on it instead of a binding.  

The quilting is mostly the same as what I show in the pattern, although I have changed it a bit in each pattern to suit the feature fabric.  For this one I did all but the background with Glide Sand thread.  I used Glide Cream in the background.  I also did the background decal with Sand.  Two colours - makes it easy! (Go to the Art Deco tab for a detailed quilting tutorial.)

The grey and cream fabrics are sparkly although I don't think that shows up much in the pix.  As usual, I need better pix.

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