Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gayle's T-shirt Quilts

Gayle's son is graduating soon - I assume from high school since it is a June grad.  He has an illustrious record as an athlete, especially in hockey.  She gathered up a bunch of his T-shirts and made a couple of quilts with them.  Then she brought them to me and asked me to quilt them for her.  Here they are!

#1 quilt is exclusively hockey.  Now I am not a hockey expert, but apparently his team won three critical games, which they have called the "triple crown" (I don't know if that's the real name or just the name the players have given them).  Gayle asked if I would recreate the crowns the players had tattooed onto their personages.  I was able to find the exact crown and quilted it into the three corresponding T-shirts as she requested.  Then I decided to go a bit crazy and quilted them into the top and bottom borders as well.  And I added a few stars just for fun - after all - if I had a kid who was such talent, I'd think he was a star!


And here is quilt #2.  She said to surprise her.  

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