Friday, March 3, 2017

Gravity Number Two

Here is Kathy's Gravity Quilt.  This is the second Gravity Quilt I have quilted.  I have a third coming up in my queue.  This is a such a fun quilt!  I love the way the two lighter pink hexies pop at the top (above).

I think I got a close up of each of the blocks and some of the corners and border areas.  I didn't look at Rachel's quilt when I quilted this one so they are different.  Having said that, I noticed when I looked at Rachel's after I quilted Kathy's that there are some similarities - certain shapes lend themselves to certain designs.  And I'm bored with echoes in the border so although there is a bit of echoing here, it's broken up a bit more.  Even on Rachel's I didn't do the border entirely with echoes as many others have done for their Gravity Quilt.  Call me crazy.

Anyway - here are the close ups.....


  1. It's gorgeous Mary!! Thank you!!!

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