Some classes I teach:

Houndstooth Quilt - a beginner level class to learn piecing skills using the Houndstooth design.

Quilt Your Quilt - We'll discuss quilting design ideas and implementation.  This is a hands-on class at Wonderfil where we have access to a couple of Handi-Quilter stand-up long-arm machines.

How to Quilt Your Quilt - We'll discuss quilting design ideas and implementation.  This class is a lecture style with lots of interaction and discussion of students specific quilting design questions.

Quilting with Rulers on Your Long-Arm - for long-arm quilters who want to learn the when, where, why and how of incorporating the use of rulers/templates into their quilting.

Class Details (not necessarily in order - scroll down until you find the one you want):

Quilting with Rulers on Your Long-Arm

Class Outline:

·         Why use rulers/templates with your long-arm?
·         Most used rulers.
·         Where to buy rulers.
·         How to use a ruler – general technique.
·         Types of designs, planning and marking.

·         Marking.
·         Placing ruler.
·         Stitching with ruler.
·         Planning and marking design.
·         Threadpath through design.
·         Stitching out design.

Hands on and Questions

What to bring:

Notebook, pencil, eraser.
If you have long-arm rulers that you would like to try, bring them.  Otherwise, we will provide the rest.

Here is some of what we'll learn in the How to Quilt Your Quilt class:

 Basic shapes:

Borders and Sashing:

Motifs and More Borders:


More fillers:


And here are some pix for the Houndstooth quilt class:

If you are interested in having me come out to teach, please contact me via the email contact on the right sidebar.  

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