Teaching: Long-Arm Quilting

Quilting/long-arm quilting classes I teach:

Art Deco

The Art Deco quilt is composed of rectangles and triangles, but arranged in non-conventional ways.  Colour placement is critical for this quilt.  I will walk the class down the layout and construction path to an efficient and successful quilt top!

How I Quilt

This class is a conversation about quilts and quilting.  We discuss how to conceptualize a quilting design and how to execute it.  I will pull out between 15 and 20 of my personal quilts and discuss each in turn.  Why did I quilt it the way I did?  Where does my inspiration come from?  What is my quilting process?

Yes I Can! Tips and Tricks for Beginning Long-Arm Quilters

If you are new to long-arm quilting, you may have a wonderful new machine sitting in your sewing area just waiting for you to step up and start doing some wonderful quilting.  But maybe you are intimidated and need more than just the basic "how to use your machine" introductory class that comes with most new machines to really feel comfortable starting on your new quilting adventures.  If this is you, this class may be just what you need to get started with some tips and tricks and easy design ideas to get you going and to take away the intimidation factor.

How to Quilt Your Quilt

We'll discuss free motion quilting design ideas and implementation.  I do two version of this class:
1 - Hands-on class where I have access to a stand-up long-arm machine for demos and student hands-on.
2 – Lecture style where there is no access to a long-arm – no actual stitching, but lots of drawing and illustration with lots of interaction and discussion about specific quilting design.

Quilting with Rulers on Your Long-Arm

This class is for long-arm quilters who want to learn the when, where, why and how of incorporating the use of rulers/templates into their quilting.  We’ll discuss rulers to purchase to get the “best bang for your buck”, where you can find them, and what to do with them.  This is a demo class so only taught where there is long-arm access.  Students will be given hands-on opportunity.

Real World Quilting

This class will build on the free motion and ruler skills learned in the "How to Quilt Your Quilt" and "Quilting with Rulers" classes.  We'll combine free-motion and ruler work on some "real" examples of quilt block configurations, learning how to develop a design and move smoothly from one block to the next.  We will also discuss how to tackle a quilt lacking a block structure.  Students will be given hands-on opportunity.

Here are some samples:

 Basic shapes:

Borders and Sashing:

Motifs and More Borders:


More fillers:


And here are a few pix from the sampler for Quilting with Rulers on Your Long-Arm:

If you are interested in having me come out to teach, please contact me via the email contact on the right sidebar.  

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