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Here is another little Susan Madu quilt.  

Above and below - Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman - I made this one as a BOM with my quilt guild.

Here is a little Halloween wall hanging.  Very cute!

And I do do "all over" quilting.  Here is one example... hearts, flowers, swirls...

 Judy Neimeyer's Tea Time pattern.  I started this way back in March and finally got them quilted. 

This is another of my quilts - trying to use some of my stash.  I actually made two tops with this fabric, but this is the first one that I have finished.

A Patch Pals quilt - the penguin. 


 A geometric rectangular design on a rectangular quilt.   There is another one of this pattern at the bottom of the page - don't know why they loaded in at the bottom...  Anyway - take a look - that one has a white background and quilting shows up a lot more on white so I had some fun with it.

 I did a series of three crib quilts with monkey panels.  I don't like to do an all over for a panel - it wrecks the panel design, so I stitch around the design features enough to get it quilted and let the design speak for itself.  On this one I did an "orange peel" design on the small squares and a loopy design in the borders.  Stitch in the ditch around the zinger.

Here the panel was not cut up but left in the centre.  It was a bit too big for the surrounding blocks.  I didn't want to have a fold or pleat in it so I decided to so a tight background of pebbles - that took up the slack very nicely!  I stitched around the little characters (they are so cute!) and treated them as if they were applique.  I was very pleased with the outcome - and so was the client.

 This is my design "Remember Summer? II" (I did the first one last year - different design, but similar colour ideas).  I left a lot of negative space so I could have fun quilting it and then use it as a "show piece" for my quilting.  Below are some pix I took to show the quilting. 

 Lower right - "echoed" the "plaid" blocks. Feathers in the half square triangles.
The square in square in square blocks are "echoed" here.  "Wrought iron" border design in the pink/white flying geese border triangles.
 Square in square "Echoing" here. 

 Bubble/swirl all over in on this part.

Halloween table runners.

Spider webs!

 This is "Crabby Christmas" - a Maxine panel surrounded by wonky stars.  Given the novelty aspect of this quilt, the quilt is the focus, not the quilting so I opted for a loops-with-stars all over design.  I did outline the cartoons in the centre because I didn't want Maxine to have loops showing up in unfortunate placement spots!

This quilt is so busy that the quilt is the main event, not the quilting - so it gets an all over treatment of swirls and spikes with echoes. 

 Below is from the back.

 This is an "easy five star" quilt.  Wanted to try out my new ruler.  This one took about 15 bobbins - so a LOT of thread!  But fun!

 Also trying out a new border - fireworks!

This is Cherrie House design that features linear and circular design elements.

Combining circular and linear design elements in the quilting design.

Scrappy Quilt

Orange peel in the squares and clam shells along the border.

This quilt was a challenge - different block areas, dark/light colours, sashing...
Large print area is a very large flower motif to coordinate with the print - light thread so only seen in certain lighting conditions.  I wanted the print to be the focus, not the quilting.

I used the same thread throughout so the quilting shows up on the dark "ribbon" and sash fabrics.  Feather in the corner triangles.

 All over feathers.

 Flower and leafy meander.

 This reminds me of ivy growing - many of the fabrics have little leafy components to their designs.

 Feather border.

 Border feathers - feathers and swirls in the body.

 Flower corner treatment.

 Curves are not suitable for everything.  This is "rectangular loops".

Border swirls and centre feathers.

 Little quilt I made for flood victims - fabric and pattern provided by Traditional Pastimes - a Calgary quilt store.
 The quilting is a meander with leaves - many of the prints in the fabric had little leafy designs.

 This is a quilt I designed for a friend.  It was for a friend of hers who loves the ocean and sailing.  The quilting is large swirls to capture the feeling of water and wind.

 This quilt is for a friend's husband who has horses and is a roper so I used a double loop to give the sense of rope.  The fabric had a theme of tiny stars so I added stars to the loops.

 For scale, this quilt is made from 2 inch jelly roll strips by my friend Joan.  She didn't want "fancy" or "thready" quilting.  I thought a long linear design that flowed into very large swirls would do the trick.

This is t T-shirt quilt.  The T-shirt squares were too large not to quilt, but I didn't want to interrupt the logos, so decided to "frame" them instead with a sort of Romanesque laurel.

"Clam shell"

Sashing experimentation.

 This is a flattened meander to give the fish some water to swim in.

Border meander with little flowers.  Each block has a large flower.

Pebbling to pop the applique.

This penguin is so cute!  Loops with stars on the blue background.  "Snowflakes" in the yellow sashing and corners, stippling in the white feathers, clamshells in the black feathers.

Loops - because isn't that the way bugs fly?

 Meandering. Simple, fast, effective.

Feathers and McTavishing.  This is a little charity quilt.  Good practice.



Swirls and McTavishing combined in a border.

Rock around the block!
 Here is a little Christmas quilt.

 I decided to have a bit of fun with this one.  It only took about 15 bobbins!  I wanted each block to be different.  I impressed myself be actually doing it!

 This is a sort of pinwheel in rail fence pattern.  Here I did do an all over - swirls and spikes. 
 The back is below.

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